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I stood like a foolish foal on waiting steed
on stable mind at first, because I believed your fable
empty rooms without you…
just like your promises each time…
Headless roses an indication
of the seriousness of your commitment and affections
I feel the straw and more and more
it reminds me, it seems…that that was all you were
a joke of a jockey
that saddled me with relations
placed the shoes upon my foot…
but I never heard the creeking of the open doors
thus the bleak awaitings occurred…
you gave me your word
and I took it for truth…
you were a one trick pony
a bookie betting I’d believe your promises
of course you’d never come…
now that I have accepted it…
I can fall onto the hays…
for in near insomnia incurring days
un-wise to your ways…I waited…
perhaps it would be better to leave dreams sold by reality
as you did I…
:iconemmaessence:Emmaessence 2 0
dark blues door
Dreams of dalliances into the glass house of swords
I do so with cleared mind for new experiences
and therefore hoping, that this will not be more of the same
the game changing day…
my subconscious filled
with images of many a turning stair
and an aged woman calling out to me beneath them
declaring that I am she who I see must see…
my sharp to skin suit collides with my flesh
seemingly endless I ascend and descend those twisting steps
trapped in tight, closed shots with much void space
old cartoons and new, play within the wall gaps
I see another version of myself on Buddha bobbing sit
back to me only…
holding a colour palette control set…
often I am gripped away
and endlessly shown
a seemingly infinite innards of office rooms
being told of enteral first days
before ever being so much as permitted
to even being seated…
The further away from that dark blues door
playing ever more distancing sight from me…
I know that is not my home any longer for life
:iconemmaessence:Emmaessence 1 0
Dear World (read description)
No, not all girly girls are sluts
No, not all tomboys are lesbians
No, not all boys showing a damned small sign of emotion are gay and/or "weak"
No, not all men are abusers
No, not all straight cis people are discriminative
No, no gender is completely innocent
No, gay men aren't the same as pedophiles
No, gender identity and sexual preferences are NOT the same
No, autism and other mental illnesses aren't an excuse to be a jerk to other people
No, autism isn't an insult nor a disease
No, Asperger's is DIFFERENT from autism, just in the spectrum, but not the same
No, your political views aren't a reason to be a jerk
No, your religious views aren't a reason to be a jerk
No, just because you don't believe in a certain god doesn't allow you to dismiss people who do believe in something
No, just because you disagree with someone's lifestyle doesn't allow you to discriminate them
No, "free speech" isn't what you think it is
No, being a conformist isn't the same as having an "open mind"
No, cr
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Newest Deviations

In my dreams
In my dreams I will eat butterflies and kiss frogs.
I will be embraced and dragged into obscurity,
As though it were my reality.
Anything is better than missing you.
In my dreams I will smile and shout.
I will learn to fly, just to end up crashing.
Swim in oceans made from tears so blue.
Anything is better than missing you.
In my dreams I will paint a portrait of your face.
I will embrace you and sing a lullaby,
Only if you promise not to cry.
Because anything is better than missing you.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
Feelings.....It's easy to sum it up.
However actually feeling it; well that's a whole different story.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 0 0
The saddest thing is when two hearts yearn for each other, but never take a stand.
Whereas one is tired of fighting, while the other hasn't started yet.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
My experience left me blind and yearning for something more. But all I see is the drumming of your heart in my mind.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 0 0
She loved him dearly,
But the bottle called her name.
He loved her sparingly,
But it was never the same.
Beer became her master,
Her favorite pastime sin.
Relinquishing her rights,
As the devil would always win.
A broken marriage,
Two children to spare.
Later years edged on,
With nothing to bare.
As she looked around,
No one was there.
Again thinking,
Her life isn’t fair.
I begged and pleaded,
As she sat in disarray.
When will she be my mother,
And I her daughter for a day.
Alas her master still whispers,
And she answers with regret.
For all these years she’s wasted,
She just wants to forget.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 2 0
10 June 2011 at 21:03 - Our Love
Love is not love without a battle.
Love is not love without you missing him.
Love is not love without regrets.
No love is the higher power than being in love.
For being in love is just a chapter, but love is everlasting.
I wandered the world away from you,
Just to want you back.
My contentment came from being alone,
while your desolation came from yourself.
We choose to forget the words we speak and hide in shadows of hesitation.
Life and love fades with mockery, hatred stains your mind but without an end of such a cause.
How I long to hold you again my love.
It is as if we never left this place.
However, the words you said have made me wonder if you ever loved me at all.
You closed your heart when I opened mine, perhaps you did not want me anymore.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
Butterflies and fairies sing their soft little lullaby.
Fear never escapes the mind of one so lost; in the world they hate so blatantly.
Crying blood; never stopped the crows from flying in the direction death finds its way.
No turning back to the time you ever knew them, at a time where you never needed anything.
Open your eyes to what I’ve done, you haven’t realized that I have cut out my heart and fed it to the world where I no longer exist.
Do you know how much I dislike you and everything in between?
Why should you?
You are just as blind as the dead walking towards salvation; where there is nothing left to redeem you.
Ghosts run wildly in the house, peeking behind the corners whispering of things to come.
Do you feel the chill of wind at night as they battle each other just to be near the living?
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 0 0
Don't look for me. by LilithxBlood27 Don't look for me. :iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 0 0
It’s the dissection of alchemy,
Straddled by astronomy.
The taste of food becomes sour,
While losing sense of power.
A fixed point in an interval,
When everything befits abominable.
No need to sleep the nights away.
Thoughts begin to disarray.
And there … there it is you’re alone
Staring outward as you were a clone
Dreamlike state is yours to bare
Shattering inward at your despair.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 2 0
Their Benefits
I knew all too well,
How people cast their spell.
Whispering gently in your ear,
Until it's everything you fear.
Sucking you in, spitting you out,
Drilling little holes of meaningful doubt.
But time and time you let them in,
As if it were your favorite pass time sin.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
There were moments I would sit outside
And stare in amazement of how wonderful you were.
How lucky but inferior I was just to be with you,
Until touches resembled screeching nails on a blackboard,
Kisses became bitter regret that left the taste of ash in my mouth.
Unsettling conversations led itself into a war zone,
While screaming became echoes of nonentities.
Sleeping became an option, one of which I didn’t partake.
A particular poison become my sobriety to cope….
You watched me breakdown, conversely turning away.
You continuously say nothing,
While I pretend not to listen in silence.
As days merge with nights and everything
Amid our sentences blurs out the in between.
Love was never meant to be this way,
Never meant to be a burnt out car on the side of a highway.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
Neo the cat
I have sat so often in the darkness alone and unnamed.
However through all events; curiosity cannot be tamed.
A little window of hope has stubbornly shone through.
No matter how I try to shut it out; it peeks somewhat a new.
So as it won my twinkling eye to shine brightly in my mind,
It ever twisted delightfully until I became dreadfully kind.
A new sensation, experiencing the feeling of dancing light,
Lead me to believe that my heart took a wondering flight.
Amazed at this little adventure to all who could see;
I was no longer the same, I was no longer devilish me.
Therefore I will sit upon and rest at the sparkling shore.
And after such events doubt you will see me no more.
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 2 0
Love is suicide
Love is suicide that tends to kill the mortal soul with grief and despair...
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 3 0
Lay you down
Lay you down to rest your tired body and mind,
Knowing all too well what we will find.
Say your prayers as you always do before the end.
There is nothing left in this world to defend.
As I knew the time was slipping away,
You would not see the end of the day.
Is there no peace for the living soul?
Is there nothing that can make us whole?
I rumble aimlessly in the darkness of my heart,
Something deep within me has been torn apart.
You were always there to help me,
But now even the light I cannot see.
I search so far and wide, so desperately to find you
However I know that it will not be true.
Your spirit has fled beyond our sight,
We will not see you alive even if we fight.
Come back, please come back to the living
You were always there, open and giving.
Guide my ways as you did before,
As I have nothing left in this world anymore.
You were my light, my shining star in the sky.
You were taken so soon, I always wonder why.
So I lay down to rest my tired body and mind,
Knowing all too wel
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 4 0
She breathed and lived a life of fantasy; as she kept trying to push boundaries and failed miserably to her own expectations. She wanted nothing and everything at the same time, always relying on those around her to make her happy. Until one day she woke up alone in the darkest part of the forest in her mind; only to find her feet bleeding from walking the path of regret. She traveled deeper inside the thickness of loneliness and became entangled inside her thoughts. Turning blindly all around in obscurity; seeing the people she knew all too well and not knowing who were wolves or sheep.
Running away didn’t help, it only seemed to make her thoughts more troubled. So she decided to walk in a different direction. Eventually she came to a crossroads on her journey, she knowingly took the more difficult path and to her amazement she found light shining from a clearing up ahead. She clawed and scraped her way through the ruins and soil, finding herself on an edge of a cliff. Looking b
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 1 0
I can Go Anywhere
It’s raining outside but remember that I said it was sunny.
I used to know your every move and tell you when I was miles away.
Together forever even through your empty promises.
Giving me things then taking it back saying it was only borrowed.
I've had my fair share of regrets and heartache more than one can count at that age.
Yet here I am with an empire at my feet and I can go anywhere.
I'm not a good friend for a reason, I’m not a good lover due to great loss of things.
Yet here I am with my memories at my feet and I can go anywhere.
Some hurts I still keep and let go; then keep again.
For the person I am now; I should thank the ill person I was.
I have everything I need and I can go anywhere.
For the bitch I was and the bitch that makes me.
For the people I left and the ones I meet, I still have my dignity and a family that truly loves me.
For I am on my feet and I can go anywhere!
:iconlilithxblood27:LilithxBlood27 2 0


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